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how many miles to babylon?

it is not that i wait for you, it's that my arms are doors i cannot close

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Birthdate:Jul 6
Location:United States of America

i am the namikaze minato of dreamwidth.
overrides @ cielo_gris.     

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"i just want my phone call", advent children, alphonse elric, angel, angel/doyle, batman, batman begins, batman/joker, bruce wayne, bryce wayne, buffy summers, buffy the vampire slayer, cannibalistic albino midgets, coldfire trilogy, cthulhu, cthulhu fhtagn, debase the beef canoe, decaydance, deliver to lt. gordon, disloyal order of water buffaloes, disturbia, doyle, dr. jonathon crane, edward elric, empires, fall out boy, final fantasy vii, fullmetal alchemist, furiae, gabe saporta, ghostfacers, giant blue pancakes, good omens, hancock, harry potter, heroes ii, heroes iii, heroes iii: armageddon's blade, heroes iv, holy big wiggins, holy inferiority complex batman!, how do you stop an exploding man?, hush, hyena!xander, i stole all their taquitos, i-could-be-on-fire, imogen heap, iron man, kakuhidan, kuroshitsuji, lady gaga, me gusta queso, might and magic vii, my chemical romance, namikaze minato, nananana nananana batman!, naruto, nummy treat, patrick stump, pete wentz, peterick, podium-aburrido-podium-aburrido-podium..., rasengan, roy mustang, roy/ed, sasunaru, scarecrow, sith happens, slash, spike, spike/xander, storm troopers, supernatural, tengo la plaga, the dark knight, the hush sound, the joker, the killing joke, tsunade, uchiha sasuke, ufthak of wide eyes, uzumaki naruto, vamp!xander, vanyel ashkevron, verboten!, watchmen, what's-wrong-with-these-scissorsss?, who watches the watchmen?, xander, yondaime hokage, your head is stupid
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