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gundanium: (sn | honey honey you're the death of me) (Default)
  • sn | honey honey you're the death of me
Comment: loving your illusion staring at a crooked crown, you always let me down ( cursebox.livejournal )
gundanium: (jk | and all our fears will disappear)
  • jk | and all our fears will disappear
Comment: my organs move like a squirm of eels, they could destroy me, they should enjoy me ( empyre.livejournal )
gundanium: (sp | for saving me from all they'd taken)
  • sp | for saving me from all they'd taken
Comment: letting my armor fall again, giving me the strength to face them ( cursebox.livejournal )
gundanium: (av | i used to rule the world)
  • av | i used to rule the world
Comment: seas would rise when i gave the word, i used to roll the dice, feel the fear in my enemy's eyes ( cursebox.livejournal )
gundanium: (un | you say 'dreams are dreams')
  • un | you say 'dreams are dreams'
Comment: cultivate your hunger before you idealize, you say 'cause i still got my soul' ( revanche.livejournal )
gundanium: (t7 | tonight we drink to youth)
  • t7 | tonight we drink to youth
Comment: and holding fast to truth, i don't want to lose what i had as a boy ( ultrasushi.livejournal )
gundanium: (t7 | every second dripping)
  • t7 | every second dripping
Comment: off my fingertips, a clock is ticking but it's hidden far away, you can't leave ( frakalakalaka.livejournal )
gundanium: (bm | i will guide you in the night)
  • bm | i will guide you in the night
Comment: if hope is a dangerous hole will you join me? jump, there's a world of war, will you join me? ( empyre.livejournal )
gundanium: (pw | feeling young and restless)
  • pw | feeling young and restless
Comment: only liars, but we're the best, only good for the latest trends ( empyre.livejournal )
gundanium: (ku | are you wasting away in your skin)
  • ku | are you wasting away in your skin
Comment: someone said that you're fading too soon, nodding and melting and fading away ( faggoty.livejournal )
gundanium: (ku | i'm a slave and i am a master)
  • ku | i'm a slave and i am a master
Comment: no restraints, and i exist through my need, i won't let this build up inside of me ( faggoty.livejournal )
gundanium: (ku | be my very own constellation)
  • ku | be my very own constellation
Comment: be my fairy to the world, getting high on information, and buy me a star on the boulevard ( faggoty.livejournal )
gundanium: (cp | psychic spies from china)
  • cp | psychic spies from china
Comment: try to steal your mind's elation, or is that war your waging, dream of californication ( superflavor.livejournal )
gundanium: (sm | so give them blood)
  • sm | so give them blood
Comment: gallons of the stuff, give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough ( temperamental.livejournal )
gundanium: (cw | five-- five dollar footlong)
  • cw | five-- five dollar footlong
Comment: it's ca-ca-ca-catching on at subway! ( akiha.livejournal | DO NOT TAKE )